Monday, September 15, 2014

A Great Picture...

Yesterday cobbler auntie Pat called for me to run over and take a picture.
This was a great photo opp for me! this is from oldest to youngest...
Uncle Jack (moms brother) & cobbler Auntie Pat, Uncle Jim & Auntie Norma (moms sister)
Mom & Dad, Uncle Doodles (moms brother Douglas) & cobbler Auntie Mary. they had gotten
together for pizza & ice cream! what a fun wonderful picture!

daughter Angela went to Arizona for a few days to visit with her Aunties ( Marks sisters )
i hope she comes back!


i made up a batch of cracker bread..

i went to a few sales in town without Cindy girlfriend not 1/2 as much fun
but found a few treasures, even some lye for my soap making.

Koa was feeling neglected when i was doing a lil hooking,
i had to move a chair next to me so he could sit there with me....
Emma is hanging in there. not eating much yet and
has me up every so often during the night to go outside..

 Enjoy your day my blog friends!                Jody


  1. That was a very special gathering you were able to catch on camera! I'd love some of that crackerbread! It looks amazing! xo

  2. I'm amazed at all the special family time you guys can put together. There's always lots of good fun for everyone. It must be nice living close to your family.

    Poor little Emma, she is not feeling very well.