Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bit of This and That..

Carol P saved me some bubble wrap while helping at the school!

thank you Carol!!

Mom gave me some green peppers so i made stuffed peppers!
topped them with fresh basil from neighbor Lucile's garden.

 Flat tire for me, gotta get the big girl pants on and see what i can do...
Cindy girlfriend borrowed me her air thingy...
I ended up with 4 new tires geez!

Cindy girlfriend and daughter Jodi brought maudy the turtle out for
a bit... i think she wanted woofies tail! look at that mouth!
Cindys Man Dennis fixed something on my truck so i visited the pets....
the turtles are all rescues..

if i remember correctly Abby is 28 yrs old...

Grandbabe #1 on his first day of 3rd grade!

Grandbabe #2 had his first day of 1st grade! whoo hoo!

a first for this lil girl and i think she likes it!!

Enjoy your weekend!       jody


  1. That last picture makes my heart skip a beat... what a cutie...
    4 new tires are pricy but to be safe on the road you can't do without it.

    The boys are growing fast. They both look like they are glad to be back in school. They are cool kids.

  2. Our girls all loved the Johnny Jump Up! One of them has given us a granddaughter who is also beginning third grade! That is my favorite grade, as it is what I taught for 17 years before I retired eleven years ago.

  3. That's a lot of bubble wrap! those babies are so cute. I broke one of the hinges to my back window so now I have to get it to a glass place in the next day or so.

  4. Now that's a lot of bubble wrap! Tires are so expensive but definitely must haves!

  5. Oh I LOVE Turtles--and First Day of school photos!! I don't have any strong feelings about bubble wrap, LOL