Friday, September 19, 2014

Fridays This and That..

another trip to the vet, this time with kitty Frisco. she need a hair cut and a cyst she has had for years removed. it started out the size of a pea and was about the size of a avocado pit.. shes doing good and i can take the staples out in 10 days. now i need to get Cindy girl in for a hair cut..
i stopped by my sisters grave to bring some fall flowers on my way. shes buried out by a beautiful county church..

Friscos incision...

 Emma girl still isnt feeling well, barley getting her to eat anything.
she sees the vet again on monday.. she did come with me to visit mom/dad yesterday.

I went out for Chinese with auntie Pat and my cousins wife.. we had a nice yummy visit!

a visit on the porch. the coloring of pictures isnt very good..

while at moms, my brother called and had been cleaning in dads chicken yard so stopped
by so i could dig and see if i could find some treasures! Thank you brother Jim!!

 Cindy and I went to some sales yesterday, started out cold and dreary and ended up being a
beautiful day. today is cool and dreary so will see if it clears up like yesterday.

enjoy your day my blogging friends!!      Jody


  1. i love the chicken roast and feeder! i hope your babies will be okay!

  2. How nice of you to visit your sister's grave and bring her flowers.
    I love that beautiful church. I bet it looks nice inside.

    Poor Emma and Frisco. I hope that they both will feel better soon.

    How fun to go out for Chinese food with people you love. Ha,ha... your dad is playing camera shy again.

    have a super weekend .

  3. Thanks for taking us along.....great treasures, yummy chinese fav!

  4. It sounds like your four-legged friends are keeping you busy! Always love to see what you have been doing. xo

  5. What a beautiful church!
    Hugs to the furbabies.