Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween Day!

i didn't do much decorating this year so added a few pictures from last year..
sister Jana left these cookies on moms porch for me this morning so will share with
daughter Angie and grandbabe #1 later tonight. thank you sister Jana!!

my friend Shelly made me allot of my Halloween decorations.. love this one!

 she made the ones on the wreath too..

daughter Angie made this for me... too cute!

 Daughter Angie made when she was young, we were home visiting
from Japan and she had gone to school with Janas son..

 Auntie Mary made the quilt in the middle and i made the other too.
i love love fall colors..!
 i made this one year..

 and these lil ones were fun to stitch up and give away!

i never stop looking for these vintage candles at sales!
sister Jana stitched and framed this for me!

i just got this picture of grandbabe #3..

grandbabe #2 and his brother at a school party!

Grandbabe #1 will be over tonight!!!

Enjoy your spooky day my blog friends!!                                   jody


  1. Not sure witch is cuter, your grandkids or your decorations. Nope, has to be the kids.

  2. Love all your decorations. Kids are all so cute in there costumes. Happy Halloween! Amy

  3. HAPPY HALLOWEEN. I love the grandkids in their costumes, even the one without the costume.
    You're all ready for halloween, real nice decorations.
    Have a great time.

  4. The grands look very sweet and cute! And I love your beautiful quilts and those big wreaths! Have a wonderful weekend! Finish off that candy! heehee! Hugs, Diane

  5. The cookies look yummy! Such cute pictures of the kids! Lots of neat Halloween pieces~

  6. Such sweet kids!! Lots of neat decorations.