Monday, October 13, 2014

This and That...

Have you ever not been able to find something you know you have in your house?
i for the life of me couldnt find this basket of wool noodles that i knew i had!
so my wool closet was rearranged a few times as long as lots of areas searched..
sister Jana was over and i was telling her about this and at the same time we thought of
St. Anthony and the next morning i found the basket of wool... down the basement of all places..?

Sister Jana and I went over to mom and dads for moms home made wonderful pizza! Yum!
Thanx mom and dad!!

 i can read their minds... of course we need a picture...

Grandbabe #1 rode his bike over after school and i had him start picking apples..
of course he needed his kunfu moves...

Then we went for a walk around the neighbor hood with Koa..
our neighbor hood is surrounded by the river..

a picture in friends Dave and Sandras yard!

lots of construction unfortunately.. the land was sliding into the river.

this all use to be houses and trees but the river was always trying to flood
so dike work needed to be done...

hard to see but Dads chicken yard right across the river from my house..empty now,
the neighbor is getting the land and has been working in it all summer...

 a picture of Grandbabe #2

and Grandbabe #3 shes 6 months old already!
Grandma Jody needs to get there to see her!..

enjoy your day my blog friends!              jody


  1. I love seeing all your pictures Jody and that little baby girl is priceless. Such a little bundle of cuteness.

    I so believe in St Anthony of Padue every time something goes missing and almost without fail, I find the missing object shortly after praying to St Anthony. It really works.

    I could go for a piece of Pizza. It looks yummy...
    We're celebrating Thanksgiving today here in Canada.

  2. I know just what you mean by knowing you have it just can't find it. I have never used St. Anthony he must be the saint of lost things.

  3. Darling grandbabes! Yes, hurry to visit #3!

    I am always looking for something that I just know where I've put it!:-)

    I'm ready for some good homemade pizza. Let me know the next time.:-) xo

  4. So happy you found your worms. That is SO FRUSTRATING!!!
    Grandbabe #3 looks like a real sweetie. (#1 & #2 are handsome.)
    Hugs :)

  5. Yes--I have misplaced things and...this isn't that big a house so, there are only so many places it can be. I usually find it after i give up hunting. LOL

  6. Morning Jody, happy you found your worms, that gets me angry...... The homemade pizza looks so yummy, made by mama even yummier.. Nice yard, love the old wheelbarrow of pumpkins and the Grand kids are precous...Blessings Francine.