Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Weekly trip to the vet...

Unfortunately not good news.. Emma girls  Blood Sugar is the highest so far at 562. so increase insulin again and continue trying to get her to eat.. she is up and about and still following me from room to room.

sorry i didnt edit these.... but thought they were cute hanging in the clinic..

my late sister Joans youngest son Ethan just finished boot camp!! so proud of him!!
This is him and his girlfriend Haley

Zach, Ethan and Joshua! proud brothers!

enjoy your day my blog friends!              jody


  1. Poor Emma, it must be so stressful to not being able to help her get her blood sugar down. She's such a pretty dog.

    I love those wall hanging. Such cute designs...

    Congratulation to Ethan. his mom is smiling from above and is proud of him, I'm sure.

    Prayers for Emma.

  2. I hate it so when our fur kids are sick!!!

  3. So sorry for dear little Emma!
    Hope this gets under better control quickly!
    Thank you to Ethan for his service! God bless him & all who serve!