Monday, October 20, 2014

Yep, its Fall...

i have been working in the yard a bit everyday... lots to cut down and get put away for the season...
im always amazed of the beauty of fall...

Auntie Norma made some pumpkin pie for mom and dad... 
i tasted and its great!

and look at this lil pumkin!

Daughter Angie and Grandbabe #1 went to visit Grandbabe #3

and Grandbabe #2 got his school pictures back!

Emma Girls visit to the vet not getting any better, her blood sugar 634...
im picking up a new bottle of insulin and increasing it.

I found these cute lil Corgi socks...

enjoy your day my blog friends!                Jody


  1. i am so concerned about emma. i sure hope you can get her stabilized. teddy is 9-1/2 and i notice sad changes. it's tough getting old but tougher watching our babies age.

  2. I love the fall too but it much to short or maybe it is because we know what is coming. I will think good thoughts for your sweet dog.

  3. Poor Emma, so sorry to hear the bad news. It must be real stressful to not being able to regulate her blood sugar and constant worry about her.

    The leaves and that pumpkin turtle pie all looks good but the grandkids are so special.

  4. Poor sweet Emma. I hope you can get her sugar under control. Love the socks.
    Thanks for the pics of the grands. So much fun to see.
    Hugs :)

  5. My thoughts and prayer for Emma. The colors in your photos of Fall capture the beauty of my favorite season. Sending hugs. Maggie

  6. Love the fall colors and crisp air. Sorry Emma is still doing poorly they do become our family.Sending up a prayer, hopefully the extra insulin will help. Warm Blessings! Amy

  7. This time of year is so gorgeous in this northern part of the country. I am worried about Emma!! Love the grandbabes!