Friday, November 21, 2014


this time its clove spice, blueberry swirl, cherry/vanilla (my new favorite) and sweetpea!
 i'm almost done but maybe will make some more coffee soap today. i did also get Chia tea
scent cuz Cindy girlfriend loves chai tea....

sister Jana worked at the quilt shop so i went and had coffee with her... 

she was working on a 10 minute table runner that has been renamed a 2 hour table runner....

 a gal that we went to high school with stopped in with her mother
she was using this cool coffee cozy, sooo i had to take pictures and she also
has the pattern out! go here to see it!! it was fun to visit with you Carol and your mom!

stopped over at mom and dads, they were busy making bridge mix! 
a favorite around the holidays..

 and i just got this picture this am... this little guy isnt starting his winter out well...

enjoy your day my blog friends!           jody


  1. my daughter has asthma and she sure spent a lot of time in the hospital. i love that green brown and black quilt.

  2. Thinking of that grandson! Bless his heart! It looks like you've been very busy with all those creative projects! Stay safe and warm! xo

  3. Bet all that soap smells wonderful! That Hickory Dickory Dock quilt sure is cute! I'm going to have to check out that coffee cozy. Your mom and dad look like they are having a good time. I wanted to grab a handful of that mix, but couldn't quite reach it, lol! Hope your grandson gets to feeling better!

  4. Hopping the little guy gets better! I absolutely adore your soaps, would love to be able to buy a whole bunch of them, the quilts your make and your family and friends and other stuff is so lovely!!!!!!!!!!! Happy thanksgiving day, Hanukkah and blessed Christmas and wonderful new year in 2015..I love your blog and visit it daily..How talented and blessed you truly are, your family is sweet as sugar..ciao!

  5. great post!
    loved those soaps!
    the shop looks wonderful!
    so does that trail mix!
    hope he feels better,
    been there done that.
    my son finally out grew most of his,
    except for a huge spring and fall one.
    he does so much better now that he's grown.

  6. Wish I could buy some of your soaps! I can smell them from here. I so hate that Grand Babe #1 has to go through this!!

  7. Sorry about your grandson, it is so sad when kids get stuck with something like asthma. I hope he gets better soon. It is my first time here, and I love all the critters in your sidebar. do they all live with you> I'm visiting from Julia's blog and I am now your latest follower.