Thursday, November 6, 2014

Im all ready....

for the snow to fly... actually yesterday we did see a bit of the white stuff. the only thing i didnt get done was painting my fence. but if the temps happen to get above 40 i still may get it done. so now its to get to the list of inside things.. soap making, ebay, checking in with all my blog friends....
Cindy and I are planning a thrift shop day next week, we are having garage sale withdrawals so hopefully we can find some thrift shop treasures..
i took emma to the vet on monday and her blood sugar had dropped to 102! from 500 something!! so we kept the insulin the same and will check her on monday again. im a little nervous hoping it doesnt drop more.. but am so thankful that it isnt in the 500-600s anymore.

lets go home now!
since its just me here at home i found i was waisting coffee in the morning so
bought my self a 1 cup coffee maker and am having fun with it!
Sister Jana and I needed to order new glasses so we dragged mom with to help us on the decision making! then it was time for lunch after all that stress! we should have had margaritas too!!

i took a few pictures at Timeless Treasures for facebook..
thought i would show you too! we will be closing soon for the winter...

this lil guy stopped by to visit and show me his new basket he came up with for his bike! too cute.. he also had me help him duck-tape a squeaker from a dog toy on the handle bars for a horn.. his birthday is on Monday maybe grandma should look into these things for him altho i think this is very inventive of him!

enjoy your day my blog friends and thanx for stopping by!              jody


  1. I think that little makeshift basket is so cute. good for him to come up with the idea. He probably would love to install a real bike horn himself I bet.
    I'm really happy that Emma's sugar dropped from 500.
    Poor girl, life can be so complicated sometime.
    Have a good rest of the week.

  2. I sure do enjoy seeing photos of #1 Grand Babe--he looks so much like my Andrew!

  3. you are always busy your grandson is so cute.
    love the shop.

  4. so glad her numbers are better, hope it stays that well!
    loved his basket, it is very creative!
    hope you found some great treasures!

  5. Emma looks so sweet, glad she is better!