Monday, November 17, 2014

Its a COLD & WINDY...

Monday morning so i think it will be another day of working on soap for me!
My Friend Dawn who opened a great lil coffee shop here in town..
called and wanted me to make some Coffee soap and it just so happened i had just gotten some
coffee scent in the mail.. so i stopped by her shoppe for some coffee beans and a pumpkin spice latte!

 so this is what i came up with for my "fresh brewed coffee" soap.
i do notice a chocolate under scent to this so i did order a couple others to try too.

so i just kept on going.....

time to cut and start drying...

im afraid im going to have to bring up my big drying rack if i keep going....
each of these shelves hold 27 bars and then i have been using my plastic coke
totes i got this summer....

hope you stay warm on this cold day and enjoy your day me blog friends!!         jody


  1. that soap looks terrific! the really cold weather and winds are moving in here tonight! the snow missed us.

  2. Your soaps look beautiful and I bet they smell wonderful! Nothing like hand made soap.
    Hugs :)

  3. Coffee soap, sounds good enough to try a bar for breakfast.
    wow!! That's a lot of nice looking soaps.

    It started to snow this morning and it turned to rain this afternoon and it's still raining. Not nice outside here too.

  4. You are always so busy it looks so great. I am sure your soap is so good.

  5. Wow you sure have been busy.
    All your soap looks wonderful.
    I'm sure smells heavenly too,
    Warm Woolie hugs