Monday, January 5, 2015

Cobblestone Cobbler Christmas!

Was hard scheduling a day that was good for everyone this year but had to get it in while cousin Beth was home from California!! as she is our long distance Cobbler! Beths sister Karen and sister in law Sharon come too as they are all over at Auntie Pats for Christmas. Auntie Mary and Carol werent able to make it and we missed them lots!

Sister Janas Wreath cookies...

These two besties are so funny... Carol wanted this crock when they were on a road trip..
she was taking to long to decide between a couple so sister Jana said " im buying this one"
and then she gave it to Carol P for Christmas! sneaky sister Jana!

we each held up what we made for each other...

sister Jana gave us a pincushion she made and a quilt book wrapped in pretty Christmas fabric..
Auntie Pat made the ginger bread wall hanging ..
Carol P made us each a wall hanging of our birth month..
Auntie Mary and I gave them each a book of our 2014 Cobbler Get togethers with recipes and pictures..

Cousin Beth made us each these cool pot holders and hot pad..
and Joyce made us her wonderful peanut brittle that we beg for all year long..

so these are waiting  for Auntie Mary and Carol....

we had a nice time with food, fun and great gifts!
now we can look forward to the 2015 Cobbler get togethers !!

Enjoy your day my Blogging Friends!!                    Jody


  1. love the crock with punch needle on it. what store did your sister get that at?

    1. Sister Jana picked the crock up at Buttermilk Basin Barn event that Stacy had in Wisconsin! not sure if she made it or someone else...

  2. Your table looked so festive. Love that centrepiece. Was that real holly ?

    1. No Kim, its not real but i love it! and use it year after year in many different crocks ect..

  3. you are such a fun group! Everyone has a giant smile on their face.
    another good Christmas in the books.

  4. You Cobblers at tops. What a wonderful group you are. I love all the thoughtful gifts.

    Happy New Year.

  5. What a festive gathering of good friends! It is easy to see how much fun you have together! xo

  6. I wish I had a group like the cobblers. It looks like you always have so much fun and yummy things to eat.
    Hugs :)