Monday, January 26, 2015

Prayers and More Prayers for Cindy Girlfiend...

Such a hard post to write but i know my blog friends are great prayer warriors..
Sat am ( the 4th year anniversary of Cindys sons death ) about 1/2 hour before we were to leave to a sale Cindy had a ACUTE AORTIC DISSECTION.
I had just texted with her minutes before and we were excited for the 1st sale of the year.
Dennis her husband heard her call out and got the ambulance right there. our hospital here transferred her to Grand-forks, ND about 20 minutes away and she soon went in to surgery, about 6 hours. and then 1:30 am she went back into surgery about 4 hours. the Dissection was quite extensive the Dr. said it was a miracle she survived to even get to surgery. There is a meeting today with the Drs. so i will know more specifically what we need prayers for soon..... reality is setting in today and i miss my Cindy Girlfriend....aka partner in crime (treasure hunting).

Cindy and Dennis with the quilt i made of her sons jeans.


Friday, January 23, 2015


My friend Shelly made me this cute lil paper mache snow-bunny..

Sister Jana and Carol P invited me out for beer and a cracker-stacker...

 Jana and i had a cranberry-ginger and i cant remember what Carol had..
but they were good!

 this was the Italian cracker..Yum!

 Sister Jana was finishing up one of Carols Christmas gifts!
she was sewing on cute lil snowman face buttons.

love these two!
 Grandbabes update..
this lil guy came over after school for a visit!
koa his pup loves him!
 Grandbabe #2 and his brother are sick sick with influenza..
  Grandbabe #3 is 10 months tomorrow and just got her 1st tooth!
her other grandma knits her lots of cute hats!
  Grandbabe #4 is growing!
Emma girl went to the vet yesterday and of course her
blood sugar couldn't stay where it should be it had gone up to 500
so we just increased her insulin a tish. shes doing so well clinically..
she also will be getting a tooth pulled in the near future and is on an antibiotic.

Enjoy your day my Blog friends and thank you so much for stopping by!
 i need to spend more time stopping and visiting with you all!                          jody

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Love This quilt in Progress...

I got a text from Carol (school mate) as she needed more fabric for the backing of this quilt shes working on. she had come in to the quilt shop with her mom one day over Christmas when sister Jana was working and i was there visiting. she had made the knitted wool cozies i showed awhile back.
thought id share her felted wool crazy quilt.. as I think its beautiful and all recycled wool sweaters.
She washes them in really hot water which felts them and then she cuts them up. She is embellishing the pieces with wool thread/yarn left over from other projects.
Thank you Carol for letting me share with my blog friends! and i always enjoy hearing from you and seeing what you are working on!
This is Lady her grandkitty, she is  supervising the project...

This is the backing she is will be using..

Thought i'd show you my wool mittens that auntie Mary made all of us Cobblers made one year..

Enjoy your day my Blog friends!              Jody

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Monday Catch up...

I finished up my soap for the Cofe shop with Chi Tea.

Cindy Girlfriend got one for Christmas as she loves chi tea!

Guess i should have given her a coffee one to as she loves her coffee even more...

i have been struggling with a toothache/root canal now for over a week..

been miserable, i am on the road to recovery finely geez....

Sister Jana and Carol P went to the quilt shop on Tuesday night

for a class and they made these... i didn't feel up to going so hinted

to sister as my birthday is coming up in February...

Fun group of ladies and they all turned out different!

i saw these pictures on face-book and saved to show my Dad..

but keep forgetting to show him..

so mom show him my blog and these pictures!

maybe we should make these for sister Janas chickens!? did you make these for Dads chickens?

Enjoy your day my Blog Friends!                     Jody

Friday, January 9, 2015

Mocha Bean Day...

yesterday i worked on my Mocha Bean Soap..
i had to wrap it a bit different as to how i had placed the beans.

 a Facebook friend was selling this for 5.00 so i messaged her and bought it.
she lives just up the street a bit so when i went out to run errands i picked it up
i love crocks....

i think i had shown you this quilt Sister Jana was working on for the quilt shop..

 its in the book she gave me for Christmas.

its made with the layered Cake squares..she was getting ready to sew the borders on.
i think this will be a quilt i will have to make! and would be great for gifts!
i love stars too.

i made her work while visiting with me!

I came home with this and will show you later its a gift!!
and surprise i had spent enough over a few visits to get a 20.00 gift certificate!!

oh.. this was our day yesterday while i was out running my errands... i made a
big pot of veggi/beef soup when i got home! geez..
sun is shinning and its nice and clear but really cold today.

Enjoy your day my blog friends!!                      jody

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Hazelnut Latte day...

i have been working on soap for the Cofe shoppe here in town, i think she will be happy with it!
im thinking i better make more as it takes a few weeks to cure...

my daughter Angie out braving the cold..winter is here...
my son Jeff braves the cold everyday at work and i think of him all day.

I have a new grand kitty!!
yep Matilda and shes about 1 1/2 and seems to be adjusting well!

love this picture of the 3 new (great grands) baby girls this year at mom/dads for Christmas!

enjoy your day my blog friends and stay warm!!                 jody