Friday, January 23, 2015


My friend Shelly made me this cute lil paper mache snow-bunny..

Sister Jana and Carol P invited me out for beer and a cracker-stacker...

 Jana and i had a cranberry-ginger and i cant remember what Carol had..
but they were good!

 this was the Italian cracker..Yum!

 Sister Jana was finishing up one of Carols Christmas gifts!
she was sewing on cute lil snowman face buttons.

love these two!
 Grandbabes update..
this lil guy came over after school for a visit!
koa his pup loves him!
 Grandbabe #2 and his brother are sick sick with influenza..
  Grandbabe #3 is 10 months tomorrow and just got her 1st tooth!
her other grandma knits her lots of cute hats!
  Grandbabe #4 is growing!
Emma girl went to the vet yesterday and of course her
blood sugar couldn't stay where it should be it had gone up to 500
so we just increased her insulin a tish. shes doing so well clinically..
she also will be getting a tooth pulled in the near future and is on an antibiotic.

Enjoy your day my Blog friends and thank you so much for stopping by!
 i need to spend more time stopping and visiting with you all!                          jody


  1. I've never heard of a Cracker Stacker! Wonderful family pictures, and glad little Emma will have her tooth removed. Isn't it interesting how our animals need the same care their owners often need?

  2. so is a cracker stacker like a pizza? you have such great friends and a wonderful family!

  3. Oh you girls are having so much fun all the time yet you are so productive. i love your lifestyle.

    Cute photos of the grandbabies and I also love the friends and family photos.
    I've never heard of a cracker stacker. What is it exactly.
    It looks yummy.

    Stay safe and war

  4. Cracker stacker? I've never heard of it either but it looks like a yummy pizza.
    Fun little snow bunny.
    Hugs :)

  5. I love your bunny!
    that food looks so good!!!
    all the babies are growing!
    sorry the little ones are sick, ni fun at all
    the newest is beautiful!
    another on the way!!! :)
    hoping Emma fares well, and the numbers come down!