Sunday, January 18, 2015

Monday Catch up...

I finished up my soap for the Cofe shop with Chi Tea.

Cindy Girlfriend got one for Christmas as she loves chi tea!

Guess i should have given her a coffee one to as she loves her coffee even more...

i have been struggling with a toothache/root canal now for over a week..

been miserable, i am on the road to recovery finely geez....

Sister Jana and Carol P went to the quilt shop on Tuesday night

for a class and they made these... i didn't feel up to going so hinted

to sister as my birthday is coming up in February...

Fun group of ladies and they all turned out different!

i saw these pictures on face-book and saved to show my Dad..

but keep forgetting to show him..

so mom show him my blog and these pictures!

maybe we should make these for sister Janas chickens!? did you make these for Dads chickens?

Enjoy your day my Blog Friends!                     Jody


  1. Hope your completely better soon.
    Loved the chicken and woolies.
    Mine truly need some too.
    Woolie hugs

  2. OMG...chickens in sweaters. LOVE!!! Love my soap. :o) Those are great little bags and I hope you DO get one for your birthday.

  3. I am chuckling here about those chickens in sweaters! Hopefully your birthday wish will come true! Take care of yourself! Keep warm and safe! xo

  4. The chickens gave me a giggle. I think a tooth ache is one of the worst things. Glad you're feeling better. Warm Blessings!~Amy