Thursday, February 19, 2015

I love Fabric...

Sister Jana and daughter in law Heidi were working at the quilt shop so i went shopping...
This is the finished wonky star quilt sister Jana made for in the shop and will eventually go to her in laws...

They have kits for the quilt using layered cakes but i tend to like the darker fabric colors
so had a pile of fabric for Jana to cut...

 I came home with enough fabric to make 2 wonky star quilts and couldn't resist starting...

Heidi's babe, Jana's grandbabe was helping too...

Heidi was finishing up a cute lil hat for her babe..

we had a local restaurant reopen after a fire so Sister Jana/Steve, Carol P/Chuck and I went out to eat and check it out.. we went to school and are friends with Paul the owner.

Congratulations on your reopening Paul! we enjoyed our meals!
as you can tell i was craving...deep fried food! yum!!

Enjoy your day my blog friends                          Jody

** i see so many of my blog friends have been getting lots of snow.. be careful!
we haven't gotten much snow but we are having bone chilling below zero temps..


  1. That deep fried food is so tempting. When I can't stand it no more I can always go to my favorite seafood restaurant and order a quick fried clams and chips.

    I see a lot of quilters are using a Janome sewing machine to sew their quilts and I always wonder Why do they use a Janome machine. They must have some special features.

    The quilt is beautiful. have fun.

  2. I have a bit of fabric that I've never been able to part with, though I just don't seem to think about sewing these days. Everytime I read about your projects, I feel a bit of motivation, but apparently it fades quickly.:-)

    We have around an inch or so of ice, on top of which we received about two-three inches of snow. Below freezing temps haven't helped much with melting, though there have been brief appearances of the sun. Now there is another storm predicted to be on the way tomorrow. We are not equipped to deal with this kind of winter, so we are staying inside. Schools have been closed all week. The wind chill was predicted to be in the minus range! We feel fortunate that we have kept electricity, though there are many thousands in our area who have not. Utility companies are working almost non-stop. xo Nellie

  3. Gorgeous quilt!
    Food looks yummy too!

  4. We have not had the snow they have had south of us but we have had our share more coming this weekend.
    Looks like you have been keeping busy as always it is good to have a project.
    thinking of you

  5. I love the wonky star quilt--it is so chic!! I do not remember ever having so many below zero days in a row like we have now. I think we are heading toward an ice age? Spring has to return. Right?

  6. beautiful quilt!
    darling baby!
    the food looks delish!

  7. What a fun quilt! Keep us posted on your progress.
    Darling little baby!!!
    Here in Ohio we have had our share of snow, but nothing like out east. Today it's near 30* and feels like a heat It's not going to last. Down to -2* tonight.
    Stay warm.
    Hugs :)