Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday Hello....

I stopped over to discuss " Timeless Treasures " with Cindys husband Dennis and he showed me that their plant they have had for years had bloomed.. its just beautiful. i think its called a wax plant? the bloom is heavy and solid wax like blooms not airy and delicate.
and then i discovered it bloom bloomed!! Beautiful! delicate airy blooms....

these are my Easter stockings that my friend/kindred spirit Shelly aka.. Shell Bell made me years ago.
i love them and always think of our time together when we were stationed in Rapid City, SD.
i am always trying to perfect my Cracker bread/ lavash recipe..

shrimp with garlic ailoi/havarti cheese...

and always trying to perfect the granite city bacon/tomato flat-bread pizza..

a couple fun Easter chicken photos....

Enjoy your Easter weekend my blog friends!                              jody


  1. Have a blessed Holy Friday Jody. I have a plant like that and it's called a wax plant or Hoya plant. Mine blossom twice a year. It's important not to break the stem part where the blossom comes from as it will continue to blossom from that part over and over.

    Your creations all looks yummy.
    Happy Easter.

  2. Pink chickens! I had to chuckle! You've been busy! Have a blessed week-end! xo

  3. How lovely the plant bloomed and you thought of your sweet friend.
    love your stockings and you food always look yummy.

  4. That pizza looks amazing and is making me hungry.
    The flower is a gift from Cindy :)
    Happy Easter,