Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cobblers And A Baby!!!

we were all together last night except for our cobbler in California, Beth. of course we missed her as always! we once again had fun, food and some show & tell!

 I made Ham/Cheese Sliders and a Southwestern Salad with a Cilantro dressing..

 Carol brought double chocolate yummy cookies!

 Carol P brought her avocado salsa again since it was such a hit last time!

 Joyce had inherited some vintage hankies so we looked thru those treasures..

 and then she was working on her pot holders...
 Auntie Mary showed a tote bag a relative made and gave her on her recent trip to
visit family in Iowa (Marys a nurse)

 she showed us a jean quilt design she started..

 and then she worked on her needle punch..

I love how she uses her gifts...

Carol P showed us what she did with the needle point project that Mary made her.


Auntie Pat had made Carol a dish towel and 2 rags for her April Birthday..

and I got to share!! Baby Pictures!!
Im a Grandma of 4 Now!! this is the newest addition!!
a baby Girl! so now 2 Boys and 2 Girls! how Blessed and Thankful!!
there will be more baby pictures!!

enjoy your day my blog friends!!             jody

Thursday, May 7, 2015


there is beauty out there if we take time to see it,
a walk refreshes everything...with signs of new beginnings.

a robins nest outside of mom & dads porch..

a day or two later...

i had this little munchkin all to myself overnight
but i did share...

 Auntie Mary is getting ready for the weekly farmers market!
this is the North Dakota hockey team! love this and Auntie is so dang talented!

Enjoy your day my blog friends!                        jody

Friday, May 1, 2015

Cobbler April get-together

we of course started out with food...

Joyce brought pickles and pickled beets.. Yum!

Carol P brought a wonderful avocado salsa! yum!
and a popcorn dessert!

Carol P showing off her new buy! a baby Janome!! perfect!
 also some batik fabrics she had bought!

and a punch needle that Auntie Mary had made for her!

Joyce working on a potholder and Auntie Mary looking thru a new quilt book....

Joyce is working on a jean quilt...

Auntie Mary had finished a T-shirt quilt and wanted some advice.... Perfect Auntie Mary!!

Cobbler Beth had sent a picture of a quilt she was making for a gift for show and tell!
Thank You Beth we love the cowboy motif!! we so love this pattern from Country Threads!

sister Jana brought me some scissors for my... scissor collection. love them!

sister Jana had taken a class here in town and made this wonky table runner! love it!

it was a great night altho we did miss Carol F... but there is always next time!!

enjoy your day my Blog Friends!                jody

A Birthday!

It was my Dads 77th Birthday this week! Happy Birthday Dad!! we ALL Love You!!

 Sister Jana made Dad a Man-Cave quilt for in his man-cave (aka recliner!)
Jana, Carol P and I got together and tied a couple quilts ...

 Sister Jana and Carol P love Keith Urban and have been known to TRAVEL to see him...

love this quilt!!

Janas babe was home from College...he gives the best! hugs!

Only 5 Weeks to go!! and I will have a new Grandbabe!! Grandbabe #4!!

and the baby showers are starting!
Tonya and her mom!

we started a family pole.... 
so excited!! and such a fun time!

**next post will be our cobbler get together!!

enjoy your day my blog friends!                           jody