Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cobblers And A Baby!!!

we were all together last night except for our cobbler in California, Beth. of course we missed her as always! we once again had fun, food and some show & tell!

 I made Ham/Cheese Sliders and a Southwestern Salad with a Cilantro dressing..

 Carol brought double chocolate yummy cookies!

 Carol P brought her avocado salsa again since it was such a hit last time!

 Joyce had inherited some vintage hankies so we looked thru those treasures..

 and then she was working on her pot holders...
 Auntie Mary showed a tote bag a relative made and gave her on her recent trip to
visit family in Iowa (Marys a nurse)

 she showed us a jean quilt design she started..

 and then she worked on her needle punch..

I love how she uses her gifts...

Carol P showed us what she did with the needle point project that Mary made her.


Auntie Pat had made Carol a dish towel and 2 rags for her April Birthday..

and I got to share!! Baby Pictures!!
Im a Grandma of 4 Now!! this is the newest addition!!
a baby Girl! so now 2 Boys and 2 Girls! how Blessed and Thankful!!
there will be more baby pictures!!

enjoy your day my blog friends!!             jody


  1. congratulations jody! i hope to someday see at least one grandchild.

  2. OH! YAY! I love new babies. Their little necks smell so divine!

  3. Great pic of you and the new grand. Congrats to you!!!
    Hugs :)