Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My Friend Mary...

i have this friend Mary, who has been known to send packages out of the blue and thats just what i got yesterday.. i met Mary while stationed in Rapid City SD we were both doing a craftshow and have been friends ever since. she left for Okinawa (she is still there) and we retired here in Mn.
Thank You Mary! as always very unexpected and much appreciated!!

she sent a calender from Okinawa that i took a couple pictures of ...
im thankful now for my time in Japan and only wish i would have appreciated
it more then..

here are a few pictures from my garden...

i picked up the birdbath for 3. and the 2 black cement planters for 5.00 last week.
last year i bought the bird houses and have had the bench i picked up at an auction.. 

Enjoy your summer days my blog friends!                       jody


  1. wow what a great package! I feel like I haven't visited with you in so long. Your gardens are looking great and love your finds. that birdbath I bought one just like at walmart this year for 14.00 so you got a buy. We are back into the nice weather so I am enjoying.
    so glad I visited

  2. unexpected presents are the best! great stuff. i love your birdhouse collection!

  3. What a wonderful package from a good friend! xo

  4. I'm lovin' your birdhouses and bench! Great buys.
    It's always fun to receive a surprise package in the mail.
    Hugs :)

  5. Your friend Mary is a generous friend. How fun to receive a surprise package. Lots of nice stuff. LOVE your birdhouses and your watering can garden decor.
    Have a great reat of the week.