Friday, July 31, 2015

The Cobblers!

we met at Carol Ps house this month! thank you Carol P we had great fun! food! and catch up time!
Carol made chicken salad croissants, veggie tray, munchies and more! i brought a buffalo chicken dip that was a hit! and Carol F is always bringing something good and fattening for dessert this month it was a no bake bar with chocolate in the middle!

oh did i mention, Carol P loves COLOR!?

Auntie Mary showed off her new haircut!

and what shes been working on....

 Mary made this wall hanging for my latest grandbabe.. so cute!

Cousin Beth the California cobbler sent these cute burp cloths... thank you Beth!
we missed you!!

Carol F showed off a banner she made and her latest wool table runner... have i mentioned,
Carol is the queen of beautiful wool projects!!?

someone brought the latest Prim Quilt magazine 
as always great projects!

Carols pup Belle kept us company...

and of course many flowers to look at and the end of the evening!
Thank you Carol P!!

enjoy your summer days my blog friends!                             jody


  1. You have a wonderful and talented group of cobblers! Darling baby quilt.

  2. You Cobblers sure know how to have fun and make new treasured memories! So talented too. Love Aunt Mary's cool new doo too!
    Woolie Blessings

  3. What a fun time you always have with the cobblers.
    Goodness that chair almost looked like a turkey when I first glanced at it! lol
    Love those shoes!!
    Everyone's projects are just great.