Tuesday, October 20, 2015


 Fall Days.. call for fall recipes! 
 and this year i am waiting til every leaf is off the trees to start some clean up. i have been trimming some in the gardens. I caught brother Jim over at mom/dads trimming hedges so i helped out a bit..
 today Grandbabe #1 got the fish out of the pond and a friend brought a sump pump over, boy that made emptying the pond much easier than the bucket method!

last Saturday we went about took a road trip about 1 1/2 hrs away to a state park i had never been to and did some hiking it was beautiful out and the color on the trees were at their peak.
 we stopped along the way at a thrift shop and i got some great wool! love finding skirts with lots of yardage! and of course couldnt pass up a bread board to add to my others!!

i road along on the night shift this year for beet harvest, in all my years growing up here i had never done this.. what a great experience and i learned alot. my brother has worked at the beet plant for i think 25+ years so i sent him pictures and bonded a bit with him too!

grandbabe #1 finally had his tonsils out last week so hopefully he will feel much better! altho recovery sure takes time... hes at a Dr. appt right now to check things out.
here are a few pictures of the grandbabes!

 im slowly getting a few fall decorations out...

enjoy your fall days my blog friends!!                            jody


  1. I always love to see you post your state park looks wonderful and beets how I love them and no one here will eat them here so I try to get them when I can.
    Good luck to your grandbabe.

  2. Happy to hear grandbabe #1 is on the road to recovery. All your grands are just TOO CUTE!
    Hugs :)

  3. Nice day and road trip! Beautiful fish! My granddaughter has her tonsils out next Friday. Hope yours is doing well now! hugs~