Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Cobblers Annual Deer Quilt Day!

we got together at Cobbler Carol Ps house for the day, as the men and boys were out doing their thing! of course way to much food for 5 gals.... and lots of talk, laughs & projects!
we started out at our local quilt shop....

daughter Angela was working that day....
then on to Carols..
lots of food..
and fun stitchen, sewing, cutting, tracing and more....

 Carol was also working on this reverse applique project..

and later sent this picture on what she finished!

 Carol P was working on a bench for her sister!

Carols pup Bell was there to supervise...

Auntie Mary brought a quilt top she made for the grand kids to enjoy..

was working on and finished a mission quilt.
my son Jason was in town and stopped by...
this was later at my house with his daughter!
it was a great day!

enjoy your day my blog friends!                           Jody


  1. Great pics of you with Jason and with the grandbaby.
    Such a fun day! I'm envious (in a good way). You deserve all the fun you can.
    Hugs :)

  2. the girl in the black coat and orange scarf is my type of girl she wears flip flops no matter what! Great work as always and great pictures of you and your family.

  3. wonderful!
    y'all must have a ball!