Friday, December 30, 2016

a Cobbler Christmas!

welcome Cobblers!

they are here!!
as always we had lots and lots of food!... soup, sliders, salad, hors d'oeuves, desserts oh my!
for some reason i didnt have much in food had made this soup that sister Janas Daughter in law made up for us at our family Christmas and had lots left over so i served it to the cobblers and it was Great!

Auntie Mary brought sister Janas b-day gift (Jan. 2nd) as Mary and Doug will be just getting to California for 2 months.

Joyce brought Mary a belated b-day gift her son/daughter in law had made.

and then there were our Christmas gifts.. we each make 8 of the same thing and pass them out!
i made the pincushion cup/plate. and i glued a magnet to a clamp thingy to wear on our shirts when we tie quilts as we are always loosing our needles...

sister Jana made the table runners..
Carol made the door pockets...
Cobbler Beth was home for the holidays and ordered us stemless wine glasses as shes a busy mom these days! her sister Karen made us 3 magnets as she always crashes our Cobbler Christmas!
Carol P with the help of her Mr. made us candle holders out of Diamond Willows & made us camel sauce.. Yum!
Auntie Mary Made us Door stops, Joyce made us her yearly Peanut Brittle, Pat made us Coasters, and gave us a magnet and 2 hangers!
it was a great Cobbler Christmas! Thank You Cobblers!!

Oh and Auntie Pat had show & tell! she made a quilt for granddaughter Ashley for Christmas!

i got this picture just a bit ago from Beth....
Beth said "Karen and Ashley did a great job tying Ashley's quilt last night, not sure they are
convicted to become quilters tho!"

enjoy your New Years Eve/Day my blog friends!                          Jody

Friday, December 9, 2016

Cobbler Birthday!

**please bare with me, im still having problems getting pictures from my phone to computer...
the cobblers met at sister Janas for our November get-together so we could tie quilts! and we celebrated Auntie Marys Birthday! here are a few pictures!
 sister Jana...
 sister Jana's finger's...

Joyce had one big beautiful quilt to tie!

i had 4 Christmas quilts..and one wonky star quilt...

 Jana's husband Steve checked in on us...
a couple show and tells...
Mary was showing what she did with a couple of Joyces Vintage Hankys..
and Mary was just finishing the last block of a quilt shes been working on..
cant wait to see it together!
then it was time to celebrate Marys December 2nd Birthday!

 from Cobbler Carol, her neighbor at the lake!

 Mary was taking this to work the next day!
we had a great time as always and stayed up late getting everything done!
so now i have been trimming, binding and adding some primitive hand quilting around the stars!

enjoy your day my blog friends!                     Jody

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Impromptu sewing at the cabin..

sister Jana was going to spend the weekend at the lake since the guys were all hunting, soo she ended up with cobbler company! 
when i got there Auntie Mary & Uncle Doodles (Doug) were just leaving..they live out the lake just a few cabins from Jana/Steve.

 Jana and I were waiting for Carol P and looked out the window and there she was, checking out the lake! Carol loves the lake..
we got right to work!

Auntie Mary came back and it was time for lunch, sister Jana always has great food on hand!

Jana was working on some (hockey motif) pillow cases for a school fundraiser her son teaches at..i think it was for the hockey team he coaches.. 

 Auntie Mary was checking out my Christmas quilt as i was using hers as a pattern.

 I finished the backing for my Christmas quilt last night. it ended up being bigger than i had planned 100 x 70 so i incorporated an extra block sister Jana had made me.

Mary was there the night before and they were up late sewing & bonding!

Carol stayed late Saturday and kept busy stitching..
it was a great spur of the moment get together to bond, sew, eat, chat.... Thank You sister Jana!!

enjoy your day my Blog Friends!                          Jody

Monday, November 14, 2016

Gosh its been awhile...

i don't even know where to start.. I guess I'll start with today!
Last week i decided it was time to finish my Cobbler Christmas Quilt. We exchanged
12 inch quilt blocks in i think 2008 and were each to make them into a quilt. i decided to use Auntie Mary's as a pattern, i just hadn't been able to find a pattern i wanted to make.

enlarge and look at the inner red paisley border. it looks washed out in the picture
but i love the fabric and love it in the quilt! i do need to replace a red circle in my block
(2nd block down on the right) and work on the back yet. then i am going to bring it to get lightly machine quilted.
A gal friend of my children who buys, renovates then flips houses left me a treasure by my back door!!!

I know nothing about these and don't even know if it is all here? if any one has any info or know of a good place to research this, please let me know! I'm so excited! i cleaned it all up today and if i don't get it to work at least it looks perfect in my house!

well its great posting and touching base with you all!
enjoy your evening!                 Jody