Monday, February 29, 2016

i have been working on Soap....

well its the time of year for soap-making again...
i ordered all the base oils and measured out into separate batches, and lots of essential and fragrant oils. ordered a few new scents as well to try.
i have been having a few "bumps in the road" so doing lots of research and questions on a great soap forum. lots of soap experts out there willing to help!

 sweet grass soap..
warm ginger/lime soap

 sandalwood swirl
  cutting soap....

" bumps in the road "...

so im on to the next few "bump free" batches!!

enjoy your day my blog friends!                       jody


  1. Your soap is so pretty. Sorry about the "bumps", but I bet it's still wonderful.
    Hugs :)

  2. I would just take those "bumps" and enjoy them and their lovely smell.

  3. It always looks so great I wish I could smell it.

  4. It looks and sounds wonderful. I can even smell these different soaps through your photos. mmm... sandalwood :) It would be great fun to try to do it myself :)

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