Thursday, April 28, 2016


My Dad had a Birthday!! whoo hoo!

lots of celebrating thru-out the day!
**Cant get the video to work!?.... :(

Daughter Angie had a Birthday!!
Sister Jana and I got together and tied this quilt i made her..
 she loved it!!
 and the back!
 also made her a pin cushion with a place for odds and ends

we went out that that night for pizza and she celebrated with friends the rest of the weekend!

*** next post.. Cobblers were here!!
enjoy your spring days my blog friends!                    Jody


  1. Happy Birthday to everyone! Love that quilt. I can't wait to see your next post.
    I am getting your requests for candy crush so sorry I just don't play the games. I have a hard time keeping up with what I do and I know I would love it so I can't start it:(

  2. Happy birthday to one and all.
    LOVE the owl quilt you made for DD.
    Happy spring.
    Hugs :)