Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cobblers were here in March...

and im just now blogging about it!...

we had "Happy Joes" Pizza

a nice yummy Greek salad..
and Auntie Mary made a strawberry cake to celebrate...
mine and Auntie Pats Birthdays! Yum!!
some show and tell....
Auntie mary was showing us the prayer shawls shes been working on...
Carol P showed us her latest quilt block...

sister Jana has been knitting wash cloths and finished her table runner for a friend..
 your so cute and photogenic sister!!

i finished a quilt called Buttons and Blooms

Auntie Mary brought us all back a little somethingrefridgerator from California!
 and Carol P also got a  refrigerator magnet cuz she loves flip flops and the color orange  :)
time for Birthday gifts!!
Auntie Pat first!

My turn!
(some of my soap drying in the back ground...)

I love you too sister Jana!
 bath salts from Auntie Mary..
 from Carol P, she knows i love black birds and pincushions!
 mint, magnet and a potential pincushion from Joyce!
Auntie Pat brought me a new "Original Kitchenette Broom" 100% Broomcorn,
which was badly needed!
she gave me one when i moved in too, i love them!

we had a great time as always and missed Cobbler Carol and
of course our Cobbler Beth in California!

and now next week they will be here again! i better try plan a menu...
or it may be Pizza again!

Enjoy your spring days my blog friends!                        jody

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  1. I love to see your gatherings! It always looks like so much fun! Happy belated birthday.