Monday, November 14, 2016

Gosh its been awhile...

i don't even know where to start.. I guess I'll start with today!
Last week i decided it was time to finish my Cobbler Christmas Quilt. We exchanged
12 inch quilt blocks in i think 2008 and were each to make them into a quilt. i decided to use Auntie Mary's as a pattern, i just hadn't been able to find a pattern i wanted to make.

enlarge and look at the inner red paisley border. it looks washed out in the picture
but i love the fabric and love it in the quilt! i do need to replace a red circle in my block
(2nd block down on the right) and work on the back yet. then i am going to bring it to get lightly machine quilted.
A gal friend of my children who buys, renovates then flips houses left me a treasure by my back door!!!

I know nothing about these and don't even know if it is all here? if any one has any info or know of a good place to research this, please let me know! I'm so excited! i cleaned it all up today and if i don't get it to work at least it looks perfect in my house!

well its great posting and touching base with you all!
enjoy your evening!                 Jody


  1. good to see you post again. I love your quilt.
    I have no idea about your loom.

  2. Ditto everything Cathy said :)