Thursday, November 17, 2016

Impromptu sewing at the cabin..

sister Jana was going to spend the weekend at the lake since the guys were all hunting, soo she ended up with cobbler company! 
when i got there Auntie Mary & Uncle Doodles (Doug) were just leaving..they live out the lake just a few cabins from Jana/Steve.

 Jana and I were waiting for Carol P and looked out the window and there she was, checking out the lake! Carol loves the lake..
we got right to work!

Auntie Mary came back and it was time for lunch, sister Jana always has great food on hand!

Jana was working on some (hockey motif) pillow cases for a school fundraiser her son teaches at..i think it was for the hockey team he coaches.. 

 Auntie Mary was checking out my Christmas quilt as i was using hers as a pattern.

 I finished the backing for my Christmas quilt last night. it ended up being bigger than i had planned 100 x 70 so i incorporated an extra block sister Jana had made me.

Mary was there the night before and they were up late sewing & bonding!

Carol stayed late Saturday and kept busy stitching..
it was a great spur of the moment get together to bond, sew, eat, chat.... Thank You sister Jana!!

enjoy your day my Blog Friends!                          Jody


  1. Jody so pleased you got your quilt done. it will be a treasure. Love my time with nieces and friends. takes the chill out of any fall day.

  2. You Cobblers know how to party!
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Hugs :)

  3. What a nice way to spend a weekend at the lake with good food, good company and good creativity. Thanks for stopping by Jodi. I appreciate your visit so much. Hugs, Julia