Friday, December 30, 2016

a Cobbler Christmas!

welcome Cobblers!

they are here!!
as always we had lots and lots of food!... soup, sliders, salad, hors d'oeuves, desserts oh my!
for some reason i didnt have much in food had made this soup that sister Janas Daughter in law made up for us at our family Christmas and had lots left over so i served it to the cobblers and it was Great!

Auntie Mary brought sister Janas b-day gift (Jan. 2nd) as Mary and Doug will be just getting to California for 2 months.

Joyce brought Mary a belated b-day gift her son/daughter in law had made.

and then there were our Christmas gifts.. we each make 8 of the same thing and pass them out!
i made the pincushion cup/plate. and i glued a magnet to a clamp thingy to wear on our shirts when we tie quilts as we are always loosing our needles...

sister Jana made the table runners..
Carol made the door pockets...
Cobbler Beth was home for the holidays and ordered us stemless wine glasses as shes a busy mom these days! her sister Karen made us 3 magnets as she always crashes our Cobbler Christmas!
Carol P with the help of her Mr. made us candle holders out of Diamond Willows & made us camel sauce.. Yum!
Auntie Mary Made us Door stops, Joyce made us her yearly Peanut Brittle, Pat made us Coasters, and gave us a magnet and 2 hangers!
it was a great Cobbler Christmas! Thank You Cobblers!!

Oh and Auntie Pat had show & tell! she made a quilt for granddaughter Ashley for Christmas!

i got this picture just a bit ago from Beth....
Beth said "Karen and Ashley did a great job tying Ashley's quilt last night, not sure they are
convicted to become quilters tho!"

enjoy your New Years Eve/Day my blog friends!                          Jody


  1. Happy new year Jodi! what a wonderful group and such wonderful gifts.
    I hope the new year brings you joy

    1. Thank you Cathy! Happy New Year to you and Dave too!!
      pretty cute Granddaughter you have there! she sure is growing up! glad Dave is doing so well too!

  2. Happy New Year!
    So much fun. Love those table runners.
    Hugs :)