Thursday, April 28, 2016


My Dad had a Birthday!! whoo hoo!

lots of celebrating thru-out the day!
**Cant get the video to work!?.... :(

Daughter Angie had a Birthday!!
Sister Jana and I got together and tied this quilt i made her..
 she loved it!!
 and the back!
 also made her a pin cushion with a place for odds and ends

we went out that that night for pizza and she celebrated with friends the rest of the weekend!

*** next post.. Cobblers were here!!
enjoy your spring days my blog friends!                    Jody

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cobblers were here in March...

and im just now blogging about it!...

we had "Happy Joes" Pizza

a nice yummy Greek salad..
and Auntie Mary made a strawberry cake to celebrate...
mine and Auntie Pats Birthdays! Yum!!
some show and tell....
Auntie mary was showing us the prayer shawls shes been working on...
Carol P showed us her latest quilt block...

sister Jana has been knitting wash cloths and finished her table runner for a friend..
 your so cute and photogenic sister!!

i finished a quilt called Buttons and Blooms

Auntie Mary brought us all back a little somethingrefridgerator from California!
 and Carol P also got a  refrigerator magnet cuz she loves flip flops and the color orange  :)
time for Birthday gifts!!
Auntie Pat first!

My turn!
(some of my soap drying in the back ground...)

I love you too sister Jana!
 bath salts from Auntie Mary..
 from Carol P, she knows i love black birds and pincushions!
 mint, magnet and a potential pincushion from Joyce!
Auntie Pat brought me a new "Original Kitchenette Broom" 100% Broomcorn,
which was badly needed!
she gave me one when i moved in too, i love them!

we had a great time as always and missed Cobbler Carol and
of course our Cobbler Beth in California!

and now next week they will be here again! i better try plan a menu...
or it may be Pizza again!

Enjoy your spring days my blog friends!                        jody