Monday, January 23, 2017

busy weekend..

a friend and I went to our first sale of the year, one i have gone to for many years...
we got there right when the doors opened at 7am.
i have stood in a freezing below 0 line many times.. this year it was above 0.
a few of my treasures...
my family has used these spoons for soup ever since living in japan..
then we found an antique flea market!

 i found another rug beater.. it was only 3.00!
then we stopped in this fun market!
son Jason ended up with the bull dog sauce i bought, and daughter Angie wants some of the fish
so guess we will be going back!

next it was time to watch our favorite hockey player!
we made it to 3 of his games this weekend.

Lastly a Birthday party for grandbabe Brody! 9 years old now!!
here he is with great grandma/grandpa and cousin Henry!
 Elizabeth & Henry with great grandma/grandpa..
 so sweet...
then it was time to chill!!

enjoy your week my Blog Friends!          Jody


  1. Love the sewing basket and great buy on the rug beater!
    Grandson looks so cool in his hockey uniform!
    Hugs :)

  2. Love the rug beater and the sewing basket but what is the fancy box in the back.

  3. Thats just what it is Cathy, a fancy always drawn to them i guess. I put a timer candle in it for in one of the spare bedrooms..