Thursday, January 26, 2017

January Cobblers Night..

Sister Jana called me yesterday and said "whats for supper?" i told her i hadn't really thought about it and she said.. its quilt night! i had forgotten all about it!! GEEZ
She had a quilt she needed to tie as did Auntie Pat so we decided she would host and we would order pizza.
 we checked out Sisters sewing room.... love it!
 Carol P had gotten this cool clock for Jana..
 Then it was time to Tie!
Auntie Pats was first!
for her grandson who loves bacon (sashing fabric)
 Jana had made this for Carol and her Husband Chuck
who are having a ceremony this weekend to renew there wedding vows..(34yrs)
she had left before we tied this.
jana is having it embroidered with their original wedding date and
the renew ceremony date.

then it was time to celebrate sisters Jan 2 birthday!

 Jana and Carol P

I had gotten a gift in the mail yesterday from my friend Mary..
 a beautiful pattern/kit and book! OMG i love it!
the fabrics are absolutely gorgeous and right up my ally!
Mary has always been a very generous giver..
thank you so much Mary!! she also decorates her gifts just beautifully..

auntie Mary & Doodles are in California for a couple months..
we miss you!!

enjoy your evening my blog friends!               Jody


  1. such great smiles and beautiful rugs! Lucky you with all that
    talent in your family

  2. Bason sashing fabric? Now that's funny. Anymore, I guess bacon goes with everything.
    Hugs :)

  3. Your cobbler family are the greatest. I admire your little busy little group. So much talent and sharing and the work is always so lovely. What a blessing all this is. The food always looks so yummy as well. I find this so inspiring.

    Enjoy your day

  4. Y'all always have such great goings on!
    I love your sharing!
    Those are some great gifts!
    I loved that lamp esp.
    Her room, wow!
    And that clock!
    Hope everyone has a great rest of the winter!
    Hope to see more of your projects!