Monday, February 27, 2017

Time to weave a basket..

it was Daughter in law Jessica's Birthday on Friday and i had decided i wanted to make homemade gifts this year..
so i got out the basket supplies (hopefully will stay out now)
Happy Birthday Jessica! this was their Christmas photo.. my son Jason, & grandbabes

 me.. i keep saying get that camera up (so my double chin isnt so double...)
cant get much higher lol

enjoy your end of February days my blog friends!                    jody

Thursday, February 23, 2017

the cobblers were here!

last night the cobblers came to my house!
it was a smaller group as Joyce and Mary weren't here.. we missed you guys!!
i made an open faced chicken burger, chopped salad and cream of broccoli soup.
sister Jana brought a coconut cream pie (my favorite!) Carol P brought a couple cheeses/crackers/sugar glazed walnuts, Auntie Pat brought fresh cut pineapple and part of my b-day gift was her cranberry jam/citrus relish and Carol brought cranberry cheese bars!
so as always we had plenty of great food!

Carol P was busy working on her block of the month project..

 and brought to show what Jana and her made at the quilt shop class...

Carol brought her wool mats shes working on... beautiful!

and i showed off my finished rug! (still need to touch up the eyes/steam one more time)
i whipped the binding with left over 1/4in wool noodles and love it!

also showed my rug hooking kit son Jeff/Tonya gave me for my birthday! love it and already have it on my frame!! i love kits! ya dont have to struggle picking colors!!

we face timed with Auntie Mary/Uncle Doodles!
and Mary kept us laughing with some snapchat videos.. gotta love technology!
they will be starting home from California in the next few days.
cobbler Joyce/husband were out to visit them in California!

we celebrated my B-day!
Thank You Cobblers!!!!

mom/dad gave me a gift certificate to the quilt shop so i bought this for my self!
could never understand why anyone would want one or what they would use it for but! i love it so far!! i am using it on my stitch of the day project...

yesterday i got some of my soap supply's in the mail!
i got them moved from the front porch 1/2 way to the kitchen..
stiff today so they may have to stay there a bit yet!

enjoy your day my blog friends!!                       jody

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

a brisk walk today...

as this is what the weather is like up north!
the read circle is a wind chill advisory... BRRR
i have been busy binding my rug, i am whip stitching it with wool strips.
its not a nights work and your done type of finishing! at least for me! i am liking it tho!
will try remember a picture tonight.
i found this cute lil tea set last summer at a sale for 4.00, loved it & had this in mind.
so went thru my wool stash and finished it!

i did a little work on my "stitch a day for a year project"
its turning out to be a sampler of my days and what is inspiring me at the time...
im working on osenburg fabric, which if i had thought about it i should have done
on linen or muslin as it is hard to do small stitching on it. oh well i like "primitive"..
we had more snow yesterday so got some snow-blowing in too...
Auntie Mary sent this awesome photo from California..
i guess they have been getting a lot of rain.. but at least its not snow!

enjoy your day my blog friends!!                   jody

Friday, February 3, 2017

I Finished!

i finished hooking my rug!! altho i still need to steam & bind it!
i did change the eyes to a yellow and like it better. (picture to come)

Auntie Mary/Uncle Doodles sent a couple pictures from California,
 cant wait to have the warmth of summer here...

enjoy your weekend my blog friends!           Jody

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A renewal of vows..

Saturday was a great day for a celebration!
Cobbler Carol P and husband Chuck renewed their wedding vows..
and the Cobblers were invited!

 The Cobblers minus Auntie Mary and Beth...
 The Groom!
 Sister Jana with their Grandbabes!
 The Bride with Son Mike!
a special day for all!
the Bride and Groom!
Carols Sister and Son Chuck Jr. there also
it was wonderful! thank you for including us Cobblers!!!!

i also tried to organize my wool/fabric, this last weekend
and had a lil help from the grandpup...

 the end is near! i need to u tube binding a rug again!
** whats your favorite way?**
i went for a walk yesterday.. it was beautiful! 30 above.
i took some pictures..

today a bit colder -2 so it was a much shorter walk!

enjoy your day my blog friends!                         jody