Friday, March 10, 2017

a soap oils kinda day..

i ordered more soap oils so figured i'd better get busy!
heavier then all get out! i made it 1/2 way from the front porch to the kitchen here...

 separating into 1 batch containers...
 I'm ready to make some soap!
i have had people buy my soap to put in their cars, bathrooms, drawers..
so thought we'd try these for at market this year.
Soap Sachets! so far 2 different ones, Lily of the valley and Lavender.

my father is having some health issues so they have had all kinds of appts, 
 tests / ultra sounds / angiograms / MRI..
sister Jana and i go when they meet with the different Dr's. better to have
more ears to hear what they have to say. each Dr. now days is so specialized.. not only a 
heart Dr. but a cardiologist and a surgeon.. then there are the lung Drs. and the Kidney Drs.. geez
mom is doing a great job keeping it all straight..

Grandbabe #1 (the oldest) is now in 5th grade.
he had the "Health" talk and now getting braces...
he sure looks like his mama and his papa Mark.

 Daughter Angela is City Clerk here in Town.. i stopped in for a short visit

I'm off to Sister Jana's cabin for the weekend! its Cobbler time!!
pictures next post!
enjoy your weekend my blog friends!              jody


  1. Thankfully you and your sister are able to help mom and dad. I feel sorry for the elderly who have no one to turn to!
    Grandbabe #1 is looking so grown up :)
    Enjoy your Cobbler time and take lots of pictures.
    Hugs :)

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