Sunday, March 26, 2017

i have been busy soaping!

the start of a week or so of soaping!
Fir Needle essential oil is first!

 soon after pouring into molds..
cranberry/fig & love spell
still need to gel! i'm using heating pads to help it along..

i forgot to take a picture of the back ones in this picture :(
Blueberry swirl & Frankincense/Myrrh
the soap fairy (devil) didn't visit me this time around!
all went well and i am so happy with how they all turned out!!
** and my house smells so good!

enjoy your spring days my blog friends!                    jody

*i heard/saw a Robin here on the first day of spring
*i have been hearing a wren on my morning walks for about 3 weeks which is
early this year


  1. Your soaps look wonderful and I wish I could smell them.

  2. Jody ~
    Your soaps are just beautiful!!!
    Happy spring :)

  3. Your house must smell amazing! We are getting freezing rain today.

  4. Oh my, I sure did miss this post. What a lot of beautiful soaps. I bet it smells so wonderful. I still haven't tried my hand at it. Maybe some day...
    Hugs, Julia