Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Cobblers Were Here Last Night!

as always we had a great time!

 and lots of food!

and lots of Fun!
Happy Birthday Auntie Pat!
Auntie Mary made her an Apple Pie! YUM!
 Cobbler Beth (Pats Daughter) and Family
sent a Birthday Video from California!

time for presents!

 Mary had taken some great photos out the lake and made them into cards!
sister Jana Carol P and I all got her gift certificates for Happy Joes Pizza here in town!
and Carol gave her a cool key chain puff from the past! sorry no pictures...

Auntie Pat had brought a dish cloth she embroidered for Carol P

Carol brought me some wool!!
what great pattern the camouflage is and the green is perfect!

Carol P heard from a lil birdie (aka sister jana..)
that i couldnt find my spring mat she made me for Cobbler Christmas
a few years ago... (i have looked high/low/in/out)
soo look what she surprised me with!!

i showed my finished grandbabe quilts!
i blanket stitched around Callies name.. about the time i finished
i had caught on to doing the hard to perfect that stitch!

for Baby Henry..

i was working on something but cant show you!
its a gift...

i bought myself a torch for burning the fibers off my baskets..
i have one... but cant find it! this is a newer one ya just have to click
and burn!!

Cobbler Joyce stopped in to say Hi after a  birthday party with her grandbabe!!

enjoy your spring days my blog friends!!                     jody


  1. Wonderful!
    Love your photos!
    Lots of love going on there!

  2. Dear Jody, thanks for sharing all the happy time you cobblers have when you get together. A lot of sisterhood going on where ever you meet.
    I love how you celebrate each other's birthdays and the food is so inviting too. All this is keeping everyone young. HAPPY BIRTHDAY auntie Pat.

    I'm looking forward to your next get together. Hope Spring has found you all.

    PS. I miss seeing your mom lately. I hope she is well.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. More fun & creative times!!!
    Happy April :)