Friday, April 21, 2017

Cobblers at Janas house!

we met at sister Jana's to tie quilts, we like to have pizza so we can get to work! i tried to get Jana to use paper plates but she refused! we also had a b-day to celebrate!
pizza, salad, crackers & dip, lemon poppy-seed bread, chocolate and strawberry pie..oh my!

brother in law Steve supervised us for a bit!

 a little show and tell...

time for Auntie Pat & Marys Jean quilts for our families high-school graduates!
this year there are 3!

the backings! Fish!

 then we tied my 2 grand-babes quilts!

 time for desert and a celebration! Happy Birthday Carol!!

  Carol P brought a slide show of her and Chucks wedding!

 Carol brought me some wool! thank you Carol!! love your wool!
and a couple samples of some interfacing she has used with applique.

it was getting late so we put Janas quilt in the frame and i went out 
yesterday am to help tie! this one is going to her son/wife.

then we tied one for her grandbabe!

i got a text latter that she had finished these 2 also! 
great quilts sister!

this one is for mom and dad..

Jana's kitty Stanley wanted to come home with me!

enjoy your days my blog friends!                              jody


  1. Wonderful quilts!
    Love the patterns and colors.
    The food looks great too!

  2. again lots of wonderful quilts, wools, and fun

  3. You are all prolific quilters. Just wonderful.
    And the food ~ YUM!

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