Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Happy Birthday Angela!

Last night i had daughter Angela and Jayden over for a birthday supper! i made sweet & sour chicken, cant believe i didnt take a picture...
anyway i finished her gift, got it wrapped and she loved it!

i loved working on this and thought to myself when i finished.. now what can i work on? but look behind Jayden, all those soaps in the containers need to be cleaned and wrapped.. so i guess thats whats next! *i had picked up the rack its hanging on at a sale last summer with this project in mind. could have been a bit bigger but works i guess!

My Dad was in the hospital for a few days... he had a bad cold/pneumonia. mom had also been ill. so it was a few days of mending for both.

we had no snow.. now its been doing this all morning.
we leave in at 6 am tomorrow for a 1 1/2 hr drive to dads appointments...he will 
have an ultra sound on his heart as well as 2 other tests to see about replacing his heart valve.

enjoy your day my blog friends!                    jody

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  1. Very nice birthday gift!
    Hope your folks heal well!