Tuesday, January 10, 2012

bonding at moms

today is the start of a new adventure! after talking about doing a blog for a long time,  i am just going to dive in and learn along the way. (any advice is welcomed!)
once a week my sister jana and mom jean and i are bonding! (like we never see each other :)) mom lives next door to me and sister across town...like 2 minutes away. we are suppose to be working on ufos, so far we are working on my new ufo this blog! altho jana of course has her needle stitch project along that we both have been working on for like 3 years (a back burner ufo) anyway  moms coffee and rolls are calling my name so for today, my first day of blogging this is it!        enjoy the day!         jody


  1. Welcome! What a terrific way to keep up on what's going on in your crafty world.

  2. Congratulations, Sister..you have wanted to do this for sooooo long. Love you..Jana

  3. Welcome welcome to blogging world. I will post a link when I post again.

  4. jody girl
    this is just one more wonderful way to stay connected with you! love the red! now you are officially an authoress.
    love and congrats,
    auntie mary

    1. thanx auntie mary, the red im sure will be back...you know me! :)

  5. Dearest Jody, I started last night and read your blog from start to finish. I caught up this morning and now I feel like I can put a proper post. Love love your blog. I will post on the most current one after this one. Blessings, Pam