Monday, January 30, 2012

a couple fun buys

Ok, I didn't over spend at the quilt shop sale...I sure could of tho! I did buy 1/2 yard of a few fabrics I really liked and thought I could make something with. The top bunch of course is kansas troubles, I love that line of fabric!(my sister Jana, I think has it all! remember the fat quarter queen?) and then I picked up a few others that I liked too. Daughter Angela, worked all day Saturday at the quilt shop and has yet to fess up to what she came home with.....
Saturday morning (6:15am) my partner in crime (Cindy) and I went to a church sale, looking for things for the shop. I usually only find things only for myself.. :) but did find a couple things for the shop or on ebay (if i can figure out how to list...) One is this adorable little pixieware jam/jelly dish. I love those cute little faces! It will go to the shop, ebay or...... it  looks really good right where it is!!
              enjoy your day!      jody


  1. Hey Jode,
    Thanks for the heads up about your blog - it's great! I just love the prim red background too. And all your pics are great, too - way to go! I'm happy to see your KT fabrics and your cute pixie face jam jar scoop.
    Love you.

  2. With the amount of fabric I have I need to stay out of all quilt stores! I'd love to shop with you at church sales, etc...I think the jam pair looks really cute where it is too.

  3. I am not a quilter but love the colors and pattern of your fabric. Pixie server is cute but I am loving your yellow ware!
    sounds like you had fun.