Friday, January 13, 2012

curb shopping

 In the spring and fall we have a week here in  Crookston and surrounding towns that we call curb shopping time. i have gotten some great treasures on the curb and this vintage birdbath is one of them. i remember the day i found this! omg so excited and in disbelief that someone could throw out such a treasure and so thankful! i had actually been to this house and knocked on the door to see if i could buy this at one time but no one was home and i hadn't left a note. those that know me, know I'm not always quiet so bold..haha. it is one piece and the bottom round is about 10 inches thick, a great find and a back ache to show for it! i cant wait for curb shopping , its coming in about 3 months....   
Oh my gosh and thank you for commenting on my new blog, some of you i feel like i know you as have been reading your blogs a long time now. I'm so excited for you to get to know me!
      enjoy your day!                  jody


  1. when the snow melts give us another look.
    great curb find though you know me free is my motto.

  2. Curb shopping sounds like my kind of thing! My son used to haul all kinds of stuff home from other people's cast offs when he was a kid! I just love garden ornaments. I have some...but no garden yet! That's a plan for spring!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Jody, have fun curb shopping, just don't take my mom!!!! hahahaha love the blog take care Beth H