Wednesday, January 11, 2012

more like winter

i woke up today to the wood chimes on the balcony just a swingen..cold and windy today, more like our winter weather. we have been so lucky to have had such a mild winter so far with record breaking temps and hardly any snow, even yesterday i had the kitchen door open to the back porch and the dogs could bask in the sunlight coming in and the cats could be out in the front porch looking adorable in their lazy poses. not today im afraid, i think its a day i should start working on a special jean quilt for my (partner in crime) girl friend cindys, grandaughter. they are special jeans from cindys late son... so knowing the difficult year we both went thru last year i think there will be some tears shed on those special jean squares. but a great gift for her grandaughter and maybe i will have enough squares for a jean quilt for cindy too?!
below (whoops, above)  is a  picture from last year around this time, the gardens and treasures were decorated with lots of beautiful snow.                       enjoy your day!    

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  1. we are expecting snow tonight 4-8 inches and freezing rain after, just a hot mess. love the picture. I was enjoying the no snow and the warmer temps I guess nothing lasts forever.