Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a reading day

I love books, magazines and coffee. today is a quiet, dreary like day and those that know me, know i love these kinda days! so i may light a couple candles, pour some  more coffee sit a spell and do some catching up on some new books i got over Christmas. i love this almondjoy creamer...sinful, especially in the cute little jar.. starting to snow, big slow snowflakes. enjoy your day!    jody


  1. Jody,sounds like you are having a great day! I wish we were getting snow,I love watching it fall,Blessings Jane

  2. What kind of day. Look at you with some new sidebar skills! I'm the same way...all excited when I can make the computer do something clever! ~grin~

  3. oh you so are like me or I am like you I love to curl up with a book or magazine and sip coffee or tea.
    enjoy your day

  4. That James Cramer book is on my want list! Is it as good as they are saying it is!
    What a day full of wonderful comforts!
    Sweet Blessings!
    Cathy G