Saturday, January 14, 2012


I love old signs of any kind. My parents sold their garden center about 6 years ago to retire, garden stores are alot of work and it was time for them to have some time to enjoy the days. Thankfully when we moved home i had the chance to work with them for a few years but being close to my 50s i knew my body wasn't able to take in on, but i got a great sign for in my garden and since everything in the garden started from the store, every year i need to do the sign justice and have a great garden! I also got an old sign from the long gone neighbor hood grocery store by curb shopping, also hanging in the gardens.
          enjoy your day!                       jody


  1. LOVE it. I, too, love old signs. One day I want a really fantastic one for my kitchen. :o)

  2. I love the sign. I love gardening too. I used to have extensive gardens. Now, I have none...but I'm planning some for spring! I hope my 50 year old body can do the work! LOL