Tuesday, February 7, 2012

a couple finished,

finished needle punch! thanx so much for all the nice comments on my posts...its fun to share with all you guys and i love looking at all of your projects too.  the first punch here i just stuck on the wall in a little window nook in the kitchen and the 2nd i put on a vintage cutting board and also have hanging in the kitchen. so now im off to bond at janas house today and i actually am going to finish finish one of the needle punch projects from yesterdays post so stay tuned for tomorrow!
                 enjoy your day!                     jody


  1. Jody,I LOVE your needle punch. I don't know how to do it so when I see all you gals do these I DROOL!!!!
    BEAUTIFUL work.
    I love the house that you did it reminds me of our home.

  2. Beautiful! I love your wooden spools in the background. I admit to having a healthy collection. :o) Have a terrific day.