Wednesday, April 25, 2012

almond and sandalwood..

yep! still making soap. will be done this week tho, and i will have plenty on hand!
busy week with the grand puppies and #1 grandboy. oliver the big puppy found the pond and loves the pond... so glad we dont have the fish in there yet..koa has found a place in the enchanted garden to bask in the sun. and #1 grandboy has been doing real well with his swimming lessons! 
congrats to angela on her promotion at work! she is now "CITY CLERK" and she is keeping real busy in mlps for this weeks training. she should be coming home to a fenced in back yard so that will be great for the dogs and little one.. sure miss her being in town tho! i think she is bonding tonight with jason and jessie so have fun guys! sun is shining but i hear wind is on the way...
                  enjoy your day!                         jody

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  1. Yes, we were bonding tonight! We went out to eat at Wild Bill's which is like Cowboy Jack's, that place we ate at in Bloomington when you were down. Obviously, we had a good time. I would like to get one or a couple of your baskets with some soap for my co-workers... today was my last day at this internship! The other one starts on Monday. Headed to Rochester tomorrow and Duluth on Friday. Think about me. Love and miss you!!!
    Jason, Jessica, and your #1 Grandkitty.