Thursday, April 5, 2012

more soap and a puppy..

yesterday i made more soap, i made sage and calendula. both turned out well and smell great! the calendula has tea tree oil in it, so is a good skin balm soap. ive had a bunch of you ask about selling my soap. i sell here in town and am trying to figure out how i should start on the computer. either a picture trail, selling blog or etsy or ebay...any advice on what works well for you would be great... i would like to sell other things too like my baskets and treasures i find.
today i need to measure more oils into batches and hopefully make a cucumber swirl and a peach swirl..and then get out in the back yard. i did get lots done yesterday afternoon with the dogs and cats laying around watchen me.. it was so nice to be out. today my grandson told me that when the wind blows it is God talking to me, so i told him i would listen closely!! my #1 son jason is shadowing a chiropractor who is looking for a new associate in duluth so i will also be chatting with God to as jason will soon be done with school and job hunting sooo good luck today my son jason, i am so proud of all of you!
also here is a couple pictures that # 2 grand babes mom sent of him with a new puppy in the family... i had to share as way tooo cute!

                           enjoy your day!              jody


  1. jody,

    wonder and excitement! your life truly, truly has been blessed.
    you see it in the eyes of those who love you and in the talents you possess. i just want to reach out and touch the soap... it's absolutely thrilling to behold. Brady and pup are ADORABLE we have such cute grand-babies. and yet another dog...sweet. i too will be talking to God about Jason. have a Blessed Easter Jody

  2. Jody ~
    Oh that is the sweetest grandbaby and grandpuppy!
    eBay vs other means of selling ... I guess it depends on how much you want to sell. With eBay you have a bigger audience and along with it bigger fees. If you sell on your blog or a selling blog, no fees! If it were me (and it's not!), I'd start small and see how I do. Maybe have a give away with soap to generate interest. I know I'd be interested in your soap. I buy all mine on eBay.
    Hugs and Happy Easter :)