Monday, May 14, 2012

a quiet day?

i actually think i may have a quiet day! sally girl is doing much better, angela is feeling better and trying work today, jas and jessie made it back to mlps, and jeff and tonya are back home in duluth, they went to her parents home for moms day. im so excited that both the boys will be in duluth and soo are they its fun to listen to them chat about it.. there is also a wonderful family that is very special to both my boys, there in Duluth and makes me feel good knowing they can call deb if something comes up. they came up here for jason and jessies wedding and for marks funeral which ment a lot and i got to meet them. they love my boys and my boys love them too!
i went to a couple sales on sat, here are a couple buys. i payed 3. for the lamp (need to find a smaller bulb so the shades not so high) i am going to bring it out to the shop. i need to take pictures out there for you guys...also the spice box i want to keep of course altho i dont really know where i would put it... i do want to remove the knobs and i will sell those. and maybe paint it a barn red and sand paper it down a bit. any ideas on what to do for little knobs? i have some of those old looken nails and some peg things...
#1 grand babe couldnt wait any longer to get the fish out to the pond! and this is what i did yesterday afternoon! i did change clothes and got rid of the hat as it really warmed up and today i just may do the same thing!
i see i have a couple more followers!! how fun! thanx soo much for stopping by!
enjoy your day!            jody


  1. I really like the spice drawers - they'd be great painted barn red!
    Seems you have a little fisherman in the family!

  2. I like your grandson's way of fishing. It's so cute seeing him putting them back in the fish pond. I see Sally girl sniffing around in the garden.
    The little spice box is a real good buy and so is the lamp. Good luck finding some smaller knobs. Maybe you can make your own out of Femo clay that you bake in the oven to harden. You can paint them any colors you want. You can find Femo in craft store. .JB

  3. congrats on the new followers. I think barn red would be great. Cute kids with the fish who could wait?

  4. Love the finds!! can't wait to see the spice box finished!!