Wednesday, May 2, 2012

yesterday i did some work in the front of the house as the spireas will soon be blooming and im hoping for a photo opp! i thought this bird bath was deserving of a photo yesterday. so pretty with the blooming around it. the bird bath actually was my very first curb treasure almost 15 years ago... i also remember this bird bath in a neighbors yard the many years i was growing up so it does have some age to it and has seen better days but im happy to have it!
sally girl rested (and doing well) in the front porch while i was raking in the yard and seemed perfectly happy enjoying the smells of spring. right above her outside the screen i found this mommy robin sitting in her nest. there are 3 nests in the vines there and i think 2 are occupied.. soon the chirping of babies! i love this time of the year..
enjoy your day!        jody


  1. pretty bird bath and sally seems content.
    you are always busy.

  2. I love your bird bath and I bet the birds loves it too, plus i. t's a nice lawn ornament. I like good bargain.

    Sally is such a beautiful dog, just taking in the fresh air.