Tuesday, July 24, 2012

one more day!!

I'm so excited! was going to wait and draw a name for the give away when the cobblestone gals are here tomorrow night.... know i cant wait that long soooo will be ready in the morning! next give away i wont make it so long, 2 weeks is just to hard to wait! sooo if you stop by and want to be in the give away, become a follower and comment on one of your favorite items you've made. if you are a follower be sure and comment! its been fun reading the comments!! a picture to show that i have been still trying to finish, finish my wall hanging b/4 tomorrow night, so i will have a show and tell when the cobblers are here. i decided to hand quilt in the patched squares. i think it will be primitive... i tried to get the fabrics as pulled as i could but i don't use a hoop so i think that has something to do with some wrinkling, maybe some ironing will help.

enjoy your day!                           jody


  1. pretty pictures, love the little ones, and the patchwork!

  2. Hello Jody, love the quilt, me loves them so. Oh what a sweet little Robin,ahhhhh, also the boys playing in the sand and surf. Hope you pick my name,Tee Hee Blessings Francine.

  3. Hi Jody, just got back from a little vacation. Love your wall hanging! I am so in awe of people that quilt and sew! Have a good time tomorrow night! I am sure you will, loving that we got rain here while I was gone and even cooled down some, about time!!
    Be blessed,

  4. Your wall hanging will be great. Love quilts! Got up this morning thinking about your giveaway! Guess it's the day, huh?

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!